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PBS Wisconsin Education announces newest addition to ‘Meet the Lab’ collection,  ‘Climate Trackers: Superpowered by Ecometeorology’ 

October 12, 2023 Tara Lovdahl Leave a Comment

PBS Wisconsin Education is proud to introduce a new addition to Meet The Lab, a collection of online learning resources developed in collaboration with research labs on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. This collection is designed to introduce middle school students to cutting-edge research and develop their identities in science. Like all PBS Wisconsin Education materials, Meet the Lab resources are available for free for all Wisconsin educators.

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In this new Meet the Lab, Climate Trackers: Superpowered by Ecometeorology, researchers in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Ecometeorology Lab study how the land, biological organisms on the land, and air interact, and how this influences climate and climate change. Learners will understand why this research matters and how it’s showing up in the real world through the story of Seven Seeds Farm in Spring Green, Wisconsin. The farm raises animals using silvopasture, the process of cultivating trees in pastures to mitigate the carbon in the atmosphere.

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“Bringing together the story of a Wisconsin farm addressing climate change and the research behind Ankur Desai’s Ecometeorology lab addresses exciting opportunities in science related to climate right now,” said Megan Monday, director of education for PBS Wisconsin.

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Each lab in the Meet the Lab collection includes digital “Meet the Scientist” cards, discussion questions, “Ask a Scientist” videos, a “Why Research Matters” video, a science practices activity and an educator guide.

Featured images courtesy of PBS Wisconsin Education.

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