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PBS Wisconsin Celebrates the Many Roles of Mothers

May 6, 2021 Becky Marburger Leave a Comment

Every mom is unique, including their journey entering and navigating through motherhood. However, a common denominator between all mothers is the many hats they wear. Moms are advocates, teachers, role models, protectors and much more.

PBS Wisconsin invites you to reflect on the many roles mothers play in their children’s lives, as well as learn about the origin of Mother’s Day, with these programs.

All About the Holidays: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May, but where did the holiday come from? Learn the origin of Mother’s Day with this short video.

Nature: The Leopard Legacy

In this clip, Olimba faces the challenging task of raising newborn cubs, which is a constant battle to hunt successfully, defend her prime territory and  protect her cubs against enemies. One day, Olimba discovers a nomadic male leopard near her cubs, and without hesitation, she attacks him.

Nature: Pumas: Legends of the Ice Mountains

Solitaria, a mother puma, is on the move to hunt prey with her cubs close by. In this clip, watch as one female cub takes in her mother’s every move, which may give her an advantage one day when hunting on her own.

PBS American Portrait: A Mom Makes Sacrifices After Facing Unemployment

Kat, like many middle-aged Americans, has the responsibility of providing for her children. However, as a bartender and housekeeper, Kat lost both of her jobs at the start of the pandemic. Now she must figure out how to pay the mortgage and her health insurance, keep food on the table and provide for her household, including her autistic son.

Prideland: Lesbian Moms in Conservative Alabama

April and Ginger Aaron-Brush share what life is like as a lesbian couple in Alabama, their decision to remain in a conservative city and the process of adopting their daughter, Avery.

Roadtrip Nation: A Single Mom’s Story

There are 15 million single moms in the U.S., and each one of them has a story. What are their dreams? How will they not merely survive in the face of adversity but thrive in it? How do they balance their personal aspirations and career hopes with the full-time work of raising a child? Follow three single moms’ journeys to jobs as full of the rewards and challenges as the one they do at home.

Self-Evident: I Met My Mom for the First Time at 50

The COVID-19 pandemic led many people to be separated from their loved ones for months, leaving them feeling unsure of when they may be able to reunite. But for one adopted New Yorker, COVID-19 nearly derailed a reunion with her birth mother a half-century in the making. In this episode, they tell the story of how they were able to overcome the odds to come together nearly 50 years to the day later.

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