Oscar the Grouch vs. Grumpy Cat: The Ultimate Showdown

November 13, 2013 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

The Internet is responsible for many wonders – from the earliest days of the Dancing Baby showing up online and later on Ally McBeal to the nearly 2 billion views that Gangnam Style racked up online in less than a year and a half.

My favorite of the recent online memes comes via a crabby looking kitty from Arizona named Tardar Sauce. She is of course best known online simply as Grumpy Cat – a feline whose dour expression appears along with hundreds of snarky comments like:


and, my favorite…

So, what might happen if Grumpy Cat were to meet the world’s favorite Grouch? Luckily, on the Internet, anything is possible (with a little help from Mashable.). Prepare for the ultimate showdown: Oscar the Grouch vs. Grumpy Cat!

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