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How It’s Made: Wisconsin Dairy Products

June 3, 2024 Alyssa Beno Leave a Comment

June is Dairy Month in Wisconsin! Learn how your favorite Wisconsin dairy products – from cheese curds to ice cream – are made with these episodes from PBS Wisconsin.

Buttermaking in Wisconsin | University Place

Gina Mode, assistant coordinator of cheese industry and applications, and Ben Ullerup Mathers, research cheesemaker, from the Center for Dairy Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, share the history of butter, how it’s made and the impact it has on Wisconsin.

The Science of Dairy Milk Harvesting | University Place

John Penry, Ph.D., a doctoral degree recipient from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at UW-Madison, explains how milk is processed and ultimately made available for consumers at the supermarket. Penry compares dairy production in the United States to production in Australia and shares ongoing research into dairy milk harvesting at UW-Madison.

Cheese curds at Decatur Dairy | Wisconsin Foodie

Decatur Dairy in Brodhead is home to Wisconsin’s only cheese curd Master Cheesemaker, Steve Stettler. He works in many styles, but his most storied is curds. Stettler takes Wisconsin Foodie host Luke Zahm through the plant to see how Decatur makes their curds. He enjoys product innovation, and he’s partnering with Pine River, maker of cheese spreads, to create a signature Wisconsin spread from his Colby Swiss.

Wisconsin Ice Cream Production | University Place

Bill Klein, former manager of UW-Madison’s Babcock Hall Dairy Plant, shares the history, trends, production details, quality control, legal standards and handling requirements of Babcock Hall Ice Cream.

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