Find Subatomic Particles in Your Home

March 31, 2015 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

If you’re feeling a tad ambitious and want to explore some quantum physics, here’s a nifty little project for you. According to PBS NOVA, “Right now, the smallest particles in the universe are shooting, not only in front of you, but also through you.” And, believe it or not, you can get a glimpse of these sub atomic particles in your own home. No fancy lab equipment required.

Here’s what you need:
– a jar
– rubbing alcohol
– a sponge
– a flashlight
– dry ice (just do a Google search)

And finally, you need some curious participants. Kids would love this little experiment, but they’re totally optional in my opinion. Explorers of any age will find the fun in this DIY subatomic particle detector. Check out the video from NOVA.

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