Feel the love this Valentine’s Day with 8 lovely ‘Wisconsin Life’ stories

February 7, 2024 Andrew Carlson Leave a Comment

Bob Dylan, Billy Joel and Adele all once sang: “I’d go to the ends of the earth for you, to make you feel my love.”

Since it is round and the “ends of the earth” don’t actually exist, to prove our love for the PBS Wisconsin community this Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up some love-filled Wisconsin Life stories that are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

From a cute cake-making couple to a loving family who gives back to their community, these segments will have you feeling the love!

Love finds a way with a virtual wedding

The COVID-19 pandemic placed a hold on life, love and just about everything. But, social distancing didn’t stop this Wisconsin couple from getting engaged and tying the knot. Their virtual wedding brought joy to their friends and family all around the world!

A cake-making couple’s recipe for success

Some folks do Valentine’s Day with the one they love. Others are just in it for the sweets. This Milwaukee story highlights both — a cake bakery run by business partners in love. Enjoy a little dose of V-day sweetness!

Motherhood, bedtime stories and lots of love

A smiling mother reads to her two-year-old son in his nursery.

Photo courtesy of Jenny Peek.

There’s something life-changing about the love we feel for our children. This Wisconsin mother’s simple act of love — reading bedtime stories to her son — shines through this story. Listen for an intimate glimpse at the love shared between a parent and child.

Something About a Flower: The Fortune We Share

Romantic love often steals the Valentine’s spotlight, but the love we feel for family and community is certainly worth celebrating. In this animated short, watch how one fictional family spreads love beyond their home through weekly Sunday traditions.

Puppy love

When it comes to unconditional love, dogs take first prize. With an endless supply of cuddles, smiles and companionship, it’s no wonder why puppies are such important family members. In this story, see how the love for a blind bulldog in need of a home sparked a cross-country adventure for this Wisconsin couple.

This awkward first date led to true love

A man and a woman wearing baseball hats lean in close and smile for a selfie.

Photo courtesy of Emily Lakatos.

Many of us have been there: awkward first dates. They’re excruciating to live through and embarrassing to recall. This Wisconsin couple, however, turned their first-date-gone-wrong into lifelong love. It turns out there’s always hope, even after a laughable first impression.

The couple who collects together, stays together

Shared hobbies nurture loving relationships, and this Wisconsin couple shares an exceptionally quirky one: cat figurine collecting. What began as a single thrift store purchase quickly became a passion. Now, their home-turned-museum is open for tours. For all the cat lovers out there, enjoy!

A relationship built on LEGO blocks

Long-lasting love is built on a firm foundation. And if you’ve ever accidentally stepped on a LEGO structure, you know they’re firm — a little too firm. Meet this Wisconsin couple who built their relationship around LEGOs. Their creations are incredible!

Happy Valentine’s Day, from PBS Wisconsin and Wisconsin Life to you!

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