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Explore Wisconsin history through artifacts with PBS Wisconsin Education’s new ‘The Look Back’ collection

March 5, 2024 Alyssa Beno Leave a Comment

PBS Wisconsin Education announces the launch of a new education series called The Look Back, which explores eras from Wisconsin’s history through artifacts.

The collection, created for learners in grades 4-6, features 11 short episodes hosted by Wisconsin-based historians who share artifacts, ask questions, visit archives and museums, tell the story of their findings and make connections to our lives today.

The Look Back is an exciting new approach for learners to examine Wisconsin history through interesting artifacts presented by compelling people,” said PBS Wisconsin Education Director Megan Monday.

The hosts examine items spanning eras in Wisconsin history, beginning before Wisconsin’s statehood with Ho-Chunk dugout canoes and traveling to the modern day with Trek bicycles.

Hosts of The Look Back episodes include:

  • Taylor Bailey, UW–Madison Rebecca M. Blank Center for Campus History
  • Sergio González, Latinx Studies at Marquette University
  • Kacie Lucchini Butcher, UW–Madison Rebecca M. Blank Center for Campus History
  • Cat (Catherine) Phan, UW–Madison Libraries
  • Nick (Nicholas) Hoffman, Wisconsin Historical Society

Explore the first season of engaging episodes and educator support materials online.

The Look Back was made in collaboration with the Wisconsin Historical Society, University of Wisconsin–Madison Libraries, UW–Madison’s Rebecca M. Blank Center for Campus History, Wisconsin educators and learners, and museums around the state.

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