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Explore the outdoors with PBS KIDS

May 6, 2024 Tawny Morrison Leave a Comment

As Daniel Tiger and his family like to sing, “There’s so much to explore when you’re outside!” Head outdoors and spark curiosity this spring with these fun PBS KIDS activities.

A child stands outside, holding up a homemade windsock.

Explore wind with a DIY windsock

Springtime is a great opportunity to learn about wind! Make a simple windsock from recycled materials to help your child observe the weather.

First, cut the ends off of a large plastic bottle. Punch holes along the bottom and invite your child to thread strips of plastic bags through them, giving the wind something to grab onto! Add some string to the top and you’re ready to hang your windsock outside!

Then, make observations about how your windsock is affected by the weather each day. Get the full directions in English and Spanish on the PBS KIDS for Parents website.

A young child sits outside, coloring in spaces on a bingo card.

Play nature bingo

From croaking frogs to brightly colored flowers, there are so many things to spark curiosity when you’re outside! Encourage your child to observe the outdoors with a game of nature bingo.

Start by printing or making your own bingo card. Have your child write or draw in the spaces things they might see outside, like a singing bird, a crawling creature or an animal home. Then head outside and see if you and your child can get bingo on your card! Each time you spot something from your bingo card, take a moment to make other observations. What color is the singing bird? Is it small enough to sit in your hand?

Visit the PBS KIDS for Parents website for the printable bingo card and instructions in English and Spanish.

A young child crouches near a pile of rocks.

Create a nature toolbox

Can a rock be a shovel? Can a stick be a hammer? Head outside to create a nature toolbox!

Go on a nature walk with your child and collect a variety of natural objects. Ask your child questions to help them think about ways each object could be used as a tool. Could they use one of the objects to help them get something that’s out of reach? Could they shovel or scoop with one of the objects?

Next, invite your child to experiment with their natural tools to see what they can do. They may find a use they weren’t expecting! For the full instructions in English and Spanish, visit the PBS KIDS for Parents website.

An overhead view of dirt, sand, and empty plastic bottles on a table.

Build a worm hotel

Earthworms help keep soil healthy, but you can’t see them at work when they’re underground! With a few household materials, you can build a simple worm hotel to observe them up close.

Start by cutting the top off of a large recycled plastic bottle. Place a smaller bottle inside to help keep the worms on the outside edges of the hotel where you can see them! Then, fill your hotel with wormy accommodations, like soil, sand and leaves. Finally, cover the hotel with black paper for a day to give the worms a chance to get comfy.

The next day, remove the paper and watch the worms at work. Don’t forget to return them to their environment when you’re done! Get the full instructions on the PBS LearningMedia website.

Catch bugs with Curious George

The animated character Curious George is standing on a path with a bug net over his shoulder.

When you can’t get outside or when you are on the go, PBS KIDS has games for digitally exploring the outdoors!

Check out Curious George Bug Catcher! Children learn numbers, counting, comparing and numerical relations as they help George identify the bigger group of bugs. Then, they catch them!

This game is available in English and Spanish, along with lots of other Curious George games in the Busy Day collection on the PBS KIDS website and the free PBS KIDS Games app.

For more activities and inspiration, check out the Celebrating Spring page on the PBS KIDS for Parents website.

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