A Message From Sewing With Nancy Host Nancy Zieman

May 6, 2015 Erik Ernst Leave a Comment

Please watch this message from Nancy Zieman, host of Sewing With Nancy.

On her personal blog, Nancy writes,

“Please know that I am rendered cancer free at this time. I’m feeling remarkably well and have been showered with love and friendship. The purpose of this video is not to alarm you, only to explain why you might see changes in the upcoming Sewing With Nancy season and my travel schedule. Most of all, it is meant to reassure you, that I’m doing well and being very well cared for.”

Join all of us at Wisconsin Public Television in sending Nancy all of our best wishes and support!

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  • Rhonda Perry says:

    Dear Nancy,
    My prayers are with you and your family as you recover from you illness. I have been watching your show on Saturday morning for a number of years and enjoy learning new things. It is wonderful to have good friends to help and support you. May God continue to bless you.

  • May God be your strenghth through these difficult times. You are a blessing to us who are learning to sew. I watch you on Saturday mornings as well as order you DVDs. I have so many things that I have ordered from you …you would think I’m as good as you are :). I’m not but I feel so good using your supplies and getting the job done. When I’ve gotten stuck in the past, Linda was there for me. I thank God for you and your parteners. I’ve grown and my sewing is getting there. Be blessed as you continue to be such a wonderful source to turn to.

  • Nancy, I have watched you for so many years that you feel like a member of the family. Since your announcement in May, I have continued to pray for your full recovery. You are going through such a very difficult and painful time right now, may God hold you in His arms, and know that your loyal fans are all out here sending loving thoughts your way. Shelley

  • By reading all the post, there are many sending prayers and God is listening. Seems like a lot also has had many bumps in the road, including me. Believe God knows our strengths and our love for sewing. I have been watching you since you first appeared on TV. I have been sewing for 64 years and learn a lot from you and well as my Mother and Grandmother. I also am a cancer survivor times 3. Will keep sending up prayers for your continue healing. Billie

  • Nancy you have overcome so many struggles, I know you will be back sooner than you think. I have been a fan of you for many years as well as my sewing friends. I will be praying for you as you continue to heal. God bless you. Looking forward to your return. Get some much needed rest during this time. Love you. Jeane

  • Jean Phillips says:

    In 1939 my mother kept having same dream & having much faith my parents, they took me to Dr.I was diagnosed with retina blastoma in rt.eye. It was removed and I have had a prosthetic eye for 77 yrs.cancer free. My Dr said he didn’t know anyone to have prosthetic that long! Believe in God Almighty! PS I saw you in Garden City, Ks. cir:1982 Jean Phillips

  • hi nancy,
    my prayers are for your return to perfect health. prayers for you and your family’s love, courage and strength. you have encouraged everyone who sews to learn and improve their sewing skills.
    love , mary

  • Hello, Nancy; You have been an inspiration to many, and especially to me since February 10th when the cancer in my parotid gland surrounding the facial nerves had to be removed. I have the same kind of facial paralysis that you have and because of the Grace of God, and the loving friends and family, plus the excellent care I’ve been given, I’m also looking forward to more teaching quilting/sewing, church work and family get togethers. I’m 77 and still going strong otherwise. I will speak at a ladies church luncheon tomorrow, telling my story which I hope will inspire others to take what they are given and use it as a platform to help one another. Thanks for your courage and talents which you use to bless many others.

  • Dear Nancy,
    Wishing you all the best in your new journey! Know how many people love you! Know how many generations have been inspire d by your work! You have touched so many and a whole lot of healing energy is coming your way. Let it lift you in every step.
    Be well,

  • How typically thoughtful of you to let your many fans & friends know what you are going through and how you are doing. I am so pleased to read your own words, rather than hear an incomplete news blip. Your optimism, enthusiasm, hard work and faith will carry you through this difficult time. Although I am on a temporary hiatus from sewing right now for health reasons, I try to catch “Sewing with Nancy” every Saturday morning, even enjoying programs I have watched before. I am sure you have selected wonderful experts to fill in for you while you are away, and I will continue to watch until you return. My thoughts and prayers go with you and all those caring people who are supporting you while you heal.
    “Some people strengthen others just by being the kind of people they are.” You are definitely one of those lovely folks. Take care.

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you. I thank God for you for your sewing inspiration, initially. Then as the years have flown by and after reading your book, you have inspired me with your example and your faith. Ten years ago, I developed severe debilitating rheumatoid arthritis and went from a very active life as a grandmother and nurse practitioner to not being able to roll over in bed by myself in the span of just a few weeks. I have learned that even though I am greatly limited in my activity, I am now able to spend time with my family, to teach my grandchildren to sew and to have those special tea parties. I am still able to do things for others and am hopefully a blessing to others. I know from my experience that God will multiply your inspiration to those who would not be able to be reached before. God’s Love, Blessings and Healing be with you.

    Sincerely, Barbara Basel

  • Nancy, you are such an inspiration for everyone who loves to quilt, sew, etc. I wish you a speedy recovery and more good health in your future. Your positive attitude is what makes you so special and caring. Keep getting better.

  • In 1995, as my 6 year old daughter and I watched the news footage of the Oklahoma City bombing (yes, I know I shouldn’t have had my 6 year old watching that), she turned to me and said, “I don’t understand why everyone is crying, they just went to be with Jesus.” Fast forward to 2000 when she, my now 11 year old, is diagnosed with a Rhabdomyo Sarcoma. After going through a year of surgery and treatments, she is now my beautiful 26 year old cancer free daughter. So, after going through all of that I have come to the conclusion that being able to see Jesus is a good thing. Maybe by then (you know, a good long life time from now) we can all just hold hands and go and see Jesus together! But until then, we can only go see Jesus one person at a time. But the whole point of this was to say that I am looking forward to watching Sewing With Nancy with Nancy Zieman for another 20 or so years! I am praying for you and your doctors as you walk through this next chapter of your life.

  • Dear Miz Nancy,

    I’m sending you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck , a bushel and a peck, by heck! of best wishes for a very speedy recovery. You and your family are in my prayers. Maybe you could pop up here every once in a while and let us know how your doing. (((group hug))) We love you. If you need anything please let us know. Another (((group hug))).


  • Nancy, I met you a few years ago at a Sewing weekend in Nashville, TN. I appreciated the fact that you acted like you were just a plain person and not a celebrity, when in fact you are a celebrity. Sorry to hear about your illness. Don’t worry. I don’t think God is finished with you yet. There are lots more people in need of your knowledge and instruction. I record all your shows that are shown on our PBS station. And I don’t delete them.

  • So so sorry, Nancy to hear about the cancer, but PTL for good news. My prayers are for rapid recovery with therapy. I look forward to Tuesdays when “Sewing with Nancy” is on my
    sewing time. Donna in Illinois

  • I wish you all the luck in the world!! With your positive outlook and determination I know we haven’t seen the last of you yet 🙂
    God speed and I will be thinking of you.

  • Wishing you the best possible healing. I am glad the medical team was able to give you a “bionic leg”. Your program has been wonderful which reflects on you. Much love, Lora

  • Nancy

    I am glad to hear you are healed. As you know God is a miracle worker.

    In October of last year you were one of the special guests “For the Love of Sewing” presented by Steve’s Sew and Vac, King of Prussia, Pa. We gave you a standing ovation. I have been watching you for many years and have purchased many of your products. I am looking forward to your return.

    Thank you for your passion for sewing.

    Linda G

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