Wisconsin Muslim Project Photo Gallery

Two men and two women standing in a field of flowers. Text on image reads "The Wisconsin Muslim Project."

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Every Wisconsinite has a story. Stories of joy, family, trial, and triumph color Wisconsin communities with vibrant beauty. And the stories of Muslim Wisconsinites make up an important part of communities across the state.

With portraits by award-winning photographer Lila Aryan, explore this photo gallery — part of the Wisconsin Muslim Project — for an intimate look into the contemporary lives of 15 Muslim Wisconsinites and families.

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Meet the Photographer

Lila Aryan

Lila Aryan

Lila was born in Milwaukee to an immigrant Muslim father from Jerusalem and a Kansas farm girl. She's had her own business since 1990 with individuals, nonprofits, and worldwide corporations as clients. She exhibits her fine art photography in galleries.

To learn more about Lila, please visit lilaaryan.com