Volunteer of the Year

The V. Thomas Metcalfe Volunteer of the Year Award is named in memory of community leader Tom Metcalfe, a friend of Wisconsin Public Television. It honors a volunteer demonstrating outstanding leadership and commitment to WPT. We are proud to recognize Mary Rondou as our 2018 V. Thomas Metcalfe Volunteer of the Year.

Mary first started volunteering with WPT as a bid filer and cashier at the 2014 WPT Auction. Since then, she has been an All-Star Volunteer and 50+ Hours Volunteer every year, donating more than 1,200 total hours to WPT’s events and membership drives. Mary is willing to help in any volunteer role and also serves in leadership roles with the Auction donation team, as a shift coordinator for membership drives, and as a front-of-show captain at the Garden and Quilt Expos. Mary volunteered over 500 hours in the last year alone and was highly nominated by WPT staff and her fellow volunteers.

Thank you, Mary!

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“WPT has amazing volunteers and staff. I am so honored to be included with the past award winners. It was a wonderful surprise.”

–Mary Rondou, 2018 V. Thomas Metcalfe Volunteer of the Year

What is your favorite volunteer job at WPT?
This past year, I spent a lot of time in “Auctionland.” I called businesses for donations and wrote scripts for the donations to be read on-air. I most enjoyed identifying and resolving problems and issues as they arose throughout Auction. Not that problems are good, but I like researching and fixing them.

Why is WPT meaningful to you?
I can remember watching Sesame Street as a kid and Dr. Who as a teen. WPT has been – and continues to be — a part of my life. Now I enjoy Masterpiece mysteries, PBS NewsHour and BBC World News. My nephew loves watching the new PBS Kids channel. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to an organization that I believe provides quality programing for Wisconsin, which is educational, entertaining and inspiring – at no cost to the viewers. This is most important for children’s programing.

What’s your reaction to being named Volunteer of the Year?
Honored. Very honored. WPT has amazing volunteers and staff. I am so honored to be included with the past award winners. It was a wonderful surprise.

What would you say to a first-time volunteer?
I remember my first pledge drive and how unsure I was. So I tell first-timers not to worry — relax and have fun. There are plenty of folks here who have your back. We are going to train you, let you practice and help you. And then we are going to give you snacks! We will help you succeed in whatever job you have volunteered to do.

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