Volunteer of the Year

The V. Thomas Metcalfe Volunteer of the Year Award is named in memory of community leader Tom Metcalfe, a friend of PBS Wisconsin. It honors a volunteer demonstrating outstanding leadership and commitment to the station. We are proud to recognize Karen “KC” Cigale as our V. Thomas Metcalfe Volunteer of the Year.

During the 2022 fiscal year, KC volunteered more than 325 hours for all of PBS Wisconsin’s major events – where she took on roles both big – like Operations Manager at The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show and Garden & Landscape Expo – and small, like picking up Auction donations around the Madison area. Our volunteers and staff gave her their strong nomination.

Portrait of a smiling woman with a ponytail, wearing a purple shirt and dark cardigan, accessorized with a necklace.

Volunteer of the Year Karen “KC” Cigale

KC’s award recognizes her exemplary leadership in organizing our events, totaling over 325 volunteer hours in the past year alone. Her dedication spans many years of service at every level within the Friends of PBS Wisconsin. What many may not know is that KC served as an employee of the station for over 25 years. During this time, she went above and beyond her job duties, volunteering over 1,200 hours to assist with our Auction and various events.

Though retired for a few years now, KC’s commitment to our organization hasn’t wavered. Instead of bidding farewell, she continued to make significant contributions by taking on the vital role of Operations Manager for Garden & Landscape Expo and The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show. In this capacity, she collaborates closely with PBS Wisconsin and Alliant Energy Center staff, as well as numerous vendors and thousands of guests who attend these shows annually. KC’s dedication is evident as she is often the first to arrive and the last to leave each day.

In her role for Auction, KC showcases her talent and creativity as a scriptwriter, crafting compelling narratives for all items. She manages an extensive library of over 11,000 images for the Auction website and meticulously organizes, writes, and manages reports within the Auction database. Her contributions are invaluable to the success of our events and the fulfillment of our mission.

Thank you, KC!

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