Honor Black History With the Youth in Your Life

January 31, 2021

As we continue the journey to create a more equitable world, PBS Wisconsin Education is here to support you in…

Celebrate African-American History Month 2019 with WPT

January 22, 2019

Any day is a great day to recognize the many contributions that African-Americans have made to American history and culture….

Vel Phillips Curriculum Delivers “Experiences, Not Lessons”

October 10, 2016

Milwaukee High School of the Arts social studies teachers Drew deLutio and Kelsey Noack worked with WPT to create “experiences,…

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4, 2016

Why does someone become a teacher? Is it because they like kids? Is it because they enjoyed school? There is…

Archives of Vel Phillips to be Made Available

February 19, 2015

Written by Michael Edmonds, Deputy Director of the Library-Archives Division of the Wisconsin Historical Society, which hosts a free discussion on…

Documenting the Vivacity of Vel Phillips

January 29, 2015

Written by Robert Trondson, producer/director of the WPT documentary Vel Phillips: Dream Big Dreams. I first saw Vel Phillips speak…

Vel Phillips Community Engagement

January 16, 2015

More than a documentary, Vel Phillips: Dream Big Dreams is a statewide engagement project that will bring the community together…

Vel Phillips: Dream Big Dreams

December 16, 2014

Watch Vel Phillips: Dream Big Dreams online now. When Vel Phillips was a young girl her mother always told her,…