Film can be a springboard for engaged and inclusive conversation about issues that matter to Wisconsin.


Watch. Engage. Act.

PBS Wisconsin’s Reel to Real is based on a simple premise — that film can be a springboard for engaged and inclusive conversation about issues that matter to Wisconsin. Every quarter, we offer a curated collection of local and national films, documentaries, and lectures accessible for free by libraries, schools, non-profit organizations, associations, and civic groups to spark dialogue among their communities.

Each collection represents a range of topics including race and racism, social justice, history, the arts, education and civic engagement, among others. Together with tips and suggestions for pairing films with local subject experts, community Q&As, and panels, PBS Wisconsin provides additional guidance for hosting live, virtual or hybrid events. Reel to Real’s signature goal is impact — where learning and conversation ignite engagement and action.

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Organize virtual and in-person screenings

Find speakers and local experts

Partner for planning and promoting events

Spark conversation on relevant issues

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How to Use Reel to Real

Join us for a free webinar providing a comprehensive overview of Reel to Real. You’ll learn about our quarterly offerings and how to preview content to ensure it meets your community needs. We walk you through finding community partners to expand the reach of your event and broaden the perspective of your planning team. We also cover how to select an event format — be it a virtual screening, live in-person program or a hybrid. Finally, our team will provide tips on facilitation, how to publicize your screening, ways to cultivate an audience, and strategies to engage your participants post-event. We leave plenty of time for your questions.

Webinar registration opening soon.


Get The Audience Engaged From The Get-Go

Get The Audience Engaged From The Get-Go

Film gets people talking, inviting diverse perspectives and bringing marginalized voices to the foreground in a safe and inclusive way.
Partner With Experts For Lively Discussions

Partner With Experts For Lively Discussions

Including a panel of local topic experts contextualizes themes from the film to your home community and enriches the dialogue.
Prioritize Safety During In-Person Screenings

Prioritize Safety During In-Person Screenings

Follow current state/local public health protocols and accessibility standards, as well as requirements set by your screening venue.

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Updates From the Reel to Real Team:

  • We’ve curated lists of national and local films for the first quarter. Every new quarter will bring a refreshed list of offerings.
  • Need help finding a moderator or local expert on your film’s topic? Let us know and we’ll do our best to connect you with the right people!
  • Check out our updated Reel to Real Screening Guide and get ready to deliver a great event.
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