Release Date: Fri, Mar 16, 2018

New Education Resources From WPT Help Students Explore the Histories of Neenah and Menasha

New Education Resources From WPT Help Students Explore the Histories of Neenah and Menasha

Wisconsin Public Television announces a collection of free resources for educators inspired by the Wisconsin Hometown Stories: Neenah-Menasha project. These new local history resources were created in partnership with Neenah and Menasha educators, historical societies and community members.

This robust collection of resources for grades 3-12 includes:

·         Wisconsin Hometown Stories: Neenah-Menasha, Grades 4-12
Documentary, Video Segments and Story Summaries
Explore the story of two Wisconsin cities with a contentious beginning that grew to be collaborative communities of innovation and service.
·         Wisconsin Biographies, Charles Clark: From Rags to Riches, Grades 3-8
Animation, E-books, Printable Biographies, Image Gallery and More
Best remembered as a founder of the consumer products corporation Kimberly-Clark, Charles Clark's values, hard work, and perseverance formed a life of contributions that inspired others to continue his work even after his death.
·         Straight to the Source: Primary and Secondary Sources, Grades 6-8
Interactive Lessons
Guide your students in discovering what primary and secondary sources are and how to use them.
Educators are invited to explore and download these free resources at the links above or by visiting Questions about the resources or requests for more information can be emailed to [email protected].
About WPT Education: WPT has been part of the educational infrastructure of the state since its beginnings, on television, in the classroom and in the community. WPT Education's mission is to engage and inspire you to continue to grow through learning.
This collection of resources was created by WPT Education and the following: Menasha School District's Amanda Ironside, Greg Kehrning, Marissa Lukaszewski and Superintendent Chris L. VanderHeyden; Neenah School District's Debra Burmeister, Grace Davis, Andra Mory, Suzy Weisbgerber and Superintendent Dr. Mary Pfeiffer; Martin Luther School's Justin VanderHoof; Don Nussbaum (content expert); Josh Ranger (UW-Oshkosh Archives and ARC); Kathy Humski and the Menasha Historical Society; and Jane Lang and the Neenah Historical Society.
WPT is a service of the Educational Communications Board and the University of Wisconsin–Extension.
Wisconsin Public Television is a place to grow through learning on WHA-TV, Madison; WPNE-TV, Green Bay; WHRM-TV, Wausau; WLEF-TV, Park Falls; WHLA-TV, La Crosse; and WHWC-TV, Menomonie-Eau Claire.

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