Release Date: Fri, Oct 13, 2017

Malcolm Brett, Longtime Director of Wisconsin Public Broadcasting, Retiring in Spring 2018

Malcolm Brett, Longtime Director of Wisconsin Public Broadcasting, Retiring in Spring 2018

Malcolm Brett, longtime director of Broadcast and Media Innovations (BAMI) with the University of Wisconsin-Extension — the home of Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR), Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) and UW Extension's (UWEX) Instructional Communications Systems (ICS)— has announced plans for his retirement. Brett is targeting late Spring 2018 for the transition, providing UWEX, including WPT/WPR and ICS, time to begin the search for his successor. Brett has been a national leader in public broadcasting throughout his 34-year career, serving as Director of Television at WPT prior to his tenure as BAMI Director, and also serving on the national board of PBS and countless public-media focused committees and workgroups.

"Malcolm's leadership in Wisconsin has been admired by public television and radio stations around the nation," says NPR CEO Jarl Mohn.  "Public media in Wisconsin is what it is today because of his dedication to public service, his passion for great content and his commitment to the staff of WPT and WPR. His work will pay dividends for Wisconsinites for decades to come."

"Malcolm Brett is a dedicated and visionary leader of public media and through his work has had great impact in Wisconsin as well as across our national public television system," said Paula Kerger, President and CEO of PBS.

"Through his service on the PBS Board, most notably during his tenure as Vice Chairman, he focused on universal access, diverse voices and community engagement. Malcolm truly believes in the mission and power of public broadcasting, and the special role that stations need to play within local communities. For the last 25 years, I have had the distinct privilege to work with Malcolm and am grateful for all that he has given to our system, to Wisconsin and to our country."

"Malcolm has left an indelible mark on UW-Extension, the state of Wisconsin and beyond," affirmed UW Colleges and UW-Extension Chancellor, Dr. Cathy Sandeen. "I first met Malcolm when he served on the national PBS Board; I recognized the depth of his knowledge and tremendous leadership qualities right away. I am so grateful to have been a small part of his work here in Wisconsin, and I join in with his friends and colleagues across Wisconsin and the United States in congratulating Malcolm on an incredible career and wishing him the best of luck on the adventures that await him."

UWEX, including WPT, WPR and ICS are working on the next steps in the search process. Information will be released as it becomes available.

Broadcasting and Media Innovations (BAMI) creates opportunities and linkages in broadcasting, information technologies and distance education initiatives utilizing digital technology.

BAMI delivers two award-winning broadcasting resources: Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television. The division is also home to Instructional Communications Systems, which provides interactive, digital technologies for distance learning.

WPT and WPR are joint services of the Educational Communications Board and University of Wisconsin-Extension.

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