Release Date: Thu, Sep 27, 2001

A Century of Quilts: America in Cloth (news release)

A Century of Quilts: America in Cloth, airing on PBS as part of the December 2001 membership drive (check local listings), is a rich and beautifully crafted documentary that celebrates the art of quilting by featuring selections from the best 100 American quilts of the 20th century, the stories behind their creation and the quilters as they work. The program visits the 1999 International Quilt Festival in Houston where many of these quilts were featured together exclusively, and for the first time. It also travels across America to capture the artists at work in their studios and homes and telling the stories behind the creation of these magnificent treasures. Their stories are tales of a creative spirit spurred by love, sorrow, joy, fond memories, proud cultural ties, love of nature, religious beliefs and a need for artistic expression. Their quilts represent the stories in myriad colors, textures and cloth that reflect the diversity of American life and the continuing tradition of quilting in new and different ways. Together, the quilts and their creators weave the story of how quilting transformed throughout the last century and emerged as an evolving art form that preserves history, records events and tells stories that reflect many facets of American life and the quilters themselves. Funding provided by: Pfaff Sales & Marketing, Thirteen Moons Gallery and the Alberta Kimball Foundation, Wisconsin Public Television Viewers and PBS. Producer/Presenter: Wisconsin Public Television. Executive producer: Diane Kostecke. Producer/director/writer: Laurie A. Gorman. Videographers: Frank Boll, Mike Eicher, Chuck France. Original music composer: Thomas A Naunas. Sound recordists: Kerman Eckes, Tom Naunas, Dave Potratz, Eric Zitske. Narrator: Lori Skelton. Format: CC STEREO. CONTACT: Lynn Brockmeyer, Wisconsin Public Television Tel.: 608/262-2126; Fax: 608/263-0429; Email: [email protected]

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