Business Sponsorship Account Executive


Thu, Sep 5, 2019


Thu, Sep 19, 2019

Primary office could be in Appleton or Green Bay depending on location of the finalist.

The business sponsorship account executive is responsible for building relationships and representing Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) to the business, non-profit and arts communities in northeast Wisconsin with the ultimate goal of securing financial support for WPR. This position is part of the Development Department of WPR – a division of UW-Madison – and will report to the East Wisconsin Business Sponsorship Manager. The primary sales territory for this role is northeast Wisconsin with a deep focus on Green Bay and Door County. Primary office could be in Appleton or Green Bay depending on location of the finalist.

Expected salary range for this position is $49,000 up to $56,000 for experienced candidates. Actual pay and title will depend on experience and qualifications.

Apply online at by 9/19/19. The job number is 100380. All of the following must be received for your application to be complete: 1) Resume; 2) A cover letter describing how your experience relates to the job duties and minimum and desirable qualifications.

As applicants progress to interviews, they will need to provide at least three professional references with titles, emails, and phone numbers (include at least one supervisory reference). In person interviewees will be given a homework assignment for the interview.

Questions? Contact: Erin Cook, Wisconsin Public Media, 821 University Avenue, Madison, WI, 53706; 608-262-0477; [email protected].

Bachelor’s degree preferred.


  • Minimum of two years of successful professional experience setting and meeting goals in a client service, sales or marketing-intensive environment. Minimum of 3 years required for a (no-prefix) title.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to be persuasive in oral and written communications with a wide range of business clients and other contacts.
  • Experience analyzing and making judgements on data.
  • Valid Wisconsin Driver’s License required, or ability to obtain one.
  • General computer proficiency and ability to learn new software applications.
  • Demonstrated ability to make sales or request financial support.
  • Strong and proven ability to work independently.


  • Ability to analyze and interpret data and develop presentations.
  • Knowledge and appreciation for public radio.
  • Means of transportation to travel to appointments outside the office.
  • Familiarity with Wisconsin-based and territory specific businesses desirable.


  1. Identify, research and solicit clients for financial support. Cultivate immediate and long-term prospects. Generate and track client prospects including interests, budgeting cycle, marketing objectives, historical associations with WPR, philanthropic activities and corporate financial performance. Secure immediate funding commitments and long-term client relationships. Identify opportunities for enhanced corporate funding from current clients.
  2. Develop proposals using qualitative and quantitative audience research. Make presentations, meet with clients and write contracts and on-air copy in compliance with WPR and FCC policies and regulations.
  3. Provide clients and prospects with on-going service and communication to enhance relationships.
  4. Contribute actively as a key team member of the business sponsorship staff to achieve department goals. Consistently meet monthly and annual revenue goals as assigned.
  5. Participate in WPR development efforts. Represent WPR to the community at large, including community events, trade organizations, service clubs, etc.
  6. Effectively engage diverse perspectives and experiences in all workplace interactions and demonstrate respect for others in all workplace relationships. Support and equitable, diverse and inclusive work environment.
  7. Organize and maintain client records utilizing contact management software.
  8. Comply with UW-Madison and Wisconsin Public Radio code of ethics:
  9. Use of personal transportation means to conduct site visits to meet with clients/potential clients.
  10. Other duties as assigned.