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Thu, Aug 18, 2022

Join the PBS Wisconsin design team of animators and storytellers. We are seeking a mid-level animator who will create animations and characters that will form the worlds for our stories of Wisconsin’s diverse people and communities. You will have a key role in conceptualizing, planning, creating and directing content including developing topics and themes, and researching innovative animation techniques.

Bachelor’s Degree
Field of Animation, Illustration, Graphic Design, or related field

1. At least 3 years of animation experience, which includes 2D animation work, and experience with illustration, character design, storyboarding and storytelling.
2. At least 1 year experience with directing and producing animated stories.
3. Experience and knowledge of software used in the 2D animation workflow. For example, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, ToonBoom Harmony and Storyboard Pro or similar tools.
4. Demonstrates artistic sensibilities for composition, texture, color, and form in digital designs, and an excellent awareness for timing, weight and composition in animation.
5. Demonstrates proficiency with 2D character design, rigging and animation.
6. Familiarity with key-frame and frame by frame animation pipelines.
7. Communicates and collaborates effectively in a team environment.

1. Experience creating 3D models, texture art and animation.
2. Experience composing/writing animated stories.
3. Experience with art direction and graphic design.
4. Experience with motion graphics.

Develops, coordinates, supervises, and executes all aspects of the animation production strategy and process, including creative and technological components. Conceptualizes, plans, and develops content for animations, including developing topics and themes, researching techniques, and producing animation.

  • 50% Pitches, creates, and produces animations per project specifications
  • 20% Develops concept art, storyboards, illustrations, style boards, previsualizations, and animatics for animations
  • 5% Applies creative expertise with an understanding of storytelling, character design, and animation principles
  • 5% Explores innovations and new techniques in animation
  • 5% Analyzes and identifies cost effective options to meet project requirements
  • 10% Schedules logistics, secures resources, organizes, and monitors animation production projects adhering to established timelines and expectations
  • 5% Works collaboratively with other creative professionals, engages in and responds to creative feedback, manages project workflow and timing, maintains files, and follows established work unit processes

Minimum $50,000 ANNUAL (12 months)
Depending on Qualifications
Actual pay will depend on experience and qualifications.

Expected salary range for this position is low $50’s to mid-$60’s for highly experienced candidates
who exceed the qualifications. Actual pay will depend on experience and qualifications.
PBS Wisconsin believes it is critical to bring diverse viewpoints and perspectives into our team. We
are committed to expanding the perspectives on our team through equitable, unbiased hiring
processes, flexible hybrid work environments, and ongoing, open conversations and evaluations of
inclusivity in our content and workplace.
A hybrid work model is available, or an option of a full-time remote work model can be considered.
The person in this position will be required to comply with the Ethical Guidelines for All Staff of
Wisconsin Public Radio and Television located here:, in addition to
the UW-Madison code of ethics.
The University of Wisconsin is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. We promote
excellence through diversity and encourage all qualified individuals to apply.
Please note that successful applicants are responsible for ensuring their eligibility to work in the
United States (i.e. a citizen or national of the United States, a lawful permanent resident, a foreign
national authorized to work in the United States without need of employer sponsorship) on or before
the effective date of appointment.

Apply online at by 08/18/2022.  The job number is 262747.

The following must be received for your application to be complete:

  1. Cover letter and resume
  2. Provide a document with links to and your role(s) within each of the samples:
    • Video of 2D character animation samples, including walk cycles
    • Video of produced or directed animated stories
    • Video of other animation samples
  3. Samples of illustration work (minimum of 3), including character and background examples
  4. A list of at least three professional references with titles, emails, and phone numbers (include at least one supervisory reference). Note that references will not be contacted until the final stages of the interview process and not without your prior knowledge.

Questions? Contact: Erin Cook, PBS Wisconsin, 821 University Avenue, Madison, WI, 53706; 608-263-0477.