Our History Matters: Wisconsin in Black & White Screening


Tue, Nov 7, 2023 at 7:00 pm


Barrymore Theatre, 2090 Atwood Ave, Madison, WI

Graphic of the outline of Wisconsin in black and white on a red textured background. "WISCONSIN IN BLACK & WHITE" is written inside the state outline. On the right side, there's the text "A PARTNERSHIP PROJECT OF" followed by logos and names "NEHEMIAH JUSTIFIED ANGER" and "PBS Wisconsin"

Wisconsin suffers intense racial disparities exposed in common differences between the daily lives of its Black and white residents. A history of racism in the criminal justice and education systems, how these issues are locally unique, as well as efforts to right these wrongs, are explored in Wisconsin in Black & White, a PBS Wisconsin journalism project created in partnership with the Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development. The history, inequities and actions being taken for change in the program were informed and inspired by Nehemiah’s Justified Anger initiative and their Black History for a New Day Course.

The first two episodes of Wisconsin in Black & White will be screened as a part of this event, which were reported by Here & Now and special projects reporter Murv Seymour.

Following the screening, Rev. Dr. Alexander Gee, founder and president of Nehemiah, will host a dynamic conversation with key individuals who have shaped the need for an understanding of a shared history around racial inequalities in Wisconsin. As a part of Justified Anger’s 10 years of system transformation recognition, the conversation will consider the special guests’ personal experiences around racial inequality, learning Black history and what areas in Wisconsin need attention right now.

Special guests will include those who have developed and been impacted by Justified Anger’s initiatives, including people of color and non-Black allies working to transform their local community and broader state through personal and systemic change. Join us in facing our history so that we can transform the future together.

No registration or ticket needed.