Vicky from Winchester, WI (2018 Week 5: Pies)




Winchester, WI

Baking Challenge

American Pie

Give your pie a name based on the ingredients and decoration.

Blackberry Rhubarb Crumble Pie

Tell us about your proudest moment – or humble failure – in this week’s baking challenge.

I always eye ball it when I make my pie crust and this time I don't think I added quite enough ingredients because I was barely able to stretch it into the dish fully. Still turned out flaky and delicious, I just didn't get the pretty crimpy edge like I usually do.

Describe how you added a Wisconsin twist to your creation.

I know this isn't exactly what comes to mind when you think of classic American pies, but I wanted to take a unique approach. Crumble pies are one of my favorites with that buttery brown sugary goodness piled high over fresh fruit. So delish! My Wisconsin twist was using locally grown rhubarb picked from my mom's backyard.

How did you do?

Pleasantly satisfied.