Tina from Mount Horeb, WI (2018 Week 2: Bread)




Mount Horeb, WI

Baking Challenge

Eight-Strand Plaited Loaf

Give your bread a name and tell us about your recipe.

Orange Cardamom Bread

Would you describe yourself as a rogue baker, or do you strictly adhere to the recipe?

Yes. I added orange zest and cardamom that the original recipe didn’t have. I also brushed the finished bread with orange juice and topped it with some sanding sugar.

Tell us about how you added a Wisconsin twist to your bread creation.

I live in a Norwegian town in WI and I’m also Danish. This made me think to add cardamom, a spice commonly used in Scandinavian baking. I will also be using lots of WI butter to top my bread.

How did you do?

Rocked it.