Team Kramer from Wauwatosa, WI (2017 Week 10: The Final)


Team Kramer


Wauwatosa, WI

Baking Challenge

Family-sized Meringue Crown

Give your creation a name based on the flavors and decoration – and tell us about your recipe.

A Berry Wisconsin Pavlova Cake. This cake looked intriguing, and it was something we have never attempted before, so we knew we wanted to make it for our final. To offset the sweetness of the meringue, we made a homemade lemon curb and spread a thin layer of the lemon curd on each meringue layer followed by fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and whipped cream. Using a small decorating tube we piped the shape of Wisconsin in meringue and baked it along with 4 layers (3 large disks and one small disk that the Wisconsin shape is sitting on). After assembling everything we used more whipped cream and fresh berries to decorate. The meringue just melted in your mouth and the tart lemon curb was a wonderful compliment to the berries. We felt this meringue crown was the perfect final for us in this baking challenge.

What was your favorite thing about The Great Wisconsin Baking challenge overall (whether you participated in one or all challenges)? What did you learn from this final challenge? What are you most proud of when it comes to your bake?

Our favorite part of being in this challenge was forcing ourselves to do an entry each week. Some of these recipes definitely got us out of our baking comfort zone. Researching the recipes and thinking up design ideas was fun and challenging. Sometimes, after a long work week, we found ourselves baking late into the night just to get the entry done. We enjoyed the successes we had and many of our friends have enjoyed tasting our entries! We have also enjoyed looking at the other baking entries and have been wowed by the creativeness of other Wisconsin bakers.

Did you incorporate three local ingredients into your Final creation? Tell us about your Wisconsin twist!

Our three ingredients were local free range eggs, Wisconsin cream and Wisconsin butter. Wish we could have said the berries were picked local but they were from a grocery store. Thought we still had strawberries (picked from Barthel Fruit Farm) in the freezer but it appears we ate them all.

How did you do?

Absolutely lovely.