Tammy from De Pere, WI (2018 Week 9: Patisserie)




De Pere, WI

Baking Challenge

Petits Fours

Have fun giving your creation a name and please describe your recipe.

Blackberry-Eyed Susan Petits Fours – I used a Taste of Home recipe for petits fours that had a scratch cake batter with an orange-flavored glaze. I baked the cake on a cookie sheet so it was thinner, added a blackberry jelly filling layer between the cakes, then glazed them.

Tell us about your creation's final texture after baking. Are you happy with it?

The cake texture turned out nicely; the orange flavored glaze was very messy, but once it dried, looks good. I am very happy with the taste.

Detail how you added a Wisconsin twist to your flavors or presentation.

My family has a cabin up in the woods near Pembine and a couple weeks ago, my mom, sister and I picked two quarts each of wild blackberries. So when my mom gave me a jar of blackberry jelly that she had just made, I decided to incorporate my own into this bake for my Wisconsin twist. I see a lot of Black-Eyed Susans when I take a walk, so I decided to use the blackberries as the flowers' center.

How did you do?

Pleasantly satisfied.