Sue from Oregon, WI (2017 Week 5: Pastries)




Oregon, WI

Baking Challenge

Bakewell Tart

Have fun giving your creation a name and please describe your recipe.

Bakewell Cherry Tart. I used Mary Berry’s recipe and am grateful that it contained the details that were missing for the contestants. I also had the luxury of time. I made the jam one day, the pastry dough the next, and then prepared the filling and baked on the third day.

Tell us about your pastry dough and final texture after baking. Are you happy with it?

I was very pleased with the crust. It was firm enough without becoming tough.

Detail how you added a Wisconsin twist to your flavors or presentation.

I used a tart cherry jam with cherries from the tree in my yard.

How did you do?

Pleasantly satisfied.