Sarah from Cadott, WI (2018 Week 3: Tarts)




Cadott, WI

Baking Challenge

Designer Fruit Tart

Give your tarts a name based on the flavors and decoration – and tell us about your recipe.

Currant Tartlets – I started by searching online to make sure that I wasn’t leaping into disaster by trying to make a tart with fresh currants. After I assured myself that it wasn’t a horrible idea I used a sweet pastry dough from Martha Stewart and a crème pâtissière recipe I found online.

Now that you survived this challenge, what words of wisdom do you have to share?

I think the thing that I would have liked someone to tell me is the amount of time it would take. I knew that the baking portion would take forever but I didn’t realize how long it would take to decorate the tree.

Tell us about how you added a Wisconsin twist.

I used red and white currant from my family’s garden as well as blueberries from our garden. The colors also accidentally ended up being patriotic colors just in time for the week of the fourth of July.

How did you do?

It’s perfect – and I’m not sharing!