Ruth from Oshkosh, WI (2018 Week 10: Wisconsin Week)




Oshkosh, WI

Baking Challenge

Chiffon Cake

Give your dessert a clever name — and tell us about your recipe.

Feeling tired, so no cleverness left…Chocolate Chiffon Leftovers and WI Lemon Blueberry 'Chiffon' and WI Strawberry Chocolate 'Chiffon'…and by 'Chiffon' I mean pound cake because, really, isn't the Pound Cake the Wisconsin version of chiffon? The double layered cakes are a lemon pound cake on the bottom with layers of blueberry sauce, lemon curd, and lemon Swiss buttercream. The top cake of the two layers is a chocolate cake layered with strawberry sauce, chocolate ganache and chocolate Swiss buttercream. The single cake is a chocolate chiffon cake layered with all the sauces and buttercream I had leftover.

What was the biggest surprise during your baking journey? Did you use any unconventional approaches? What did you learn along the way? Tell us about it!

I've made chiffon cake before but I didn't remember it being so fragile. On these cakes…I don't think I did anything too strange. Maybe the Leftovers cake will come off a bit odd. I'm really happy with the mirror glaze. There were no bubbles and the shine was beautiful.

How did you add a Wisconsin twist to your flavors or decoration?

We've recently come back from the northern lakes in WI and I wanted to bring a bit of that feel to the cakes. The double layered cake is meant to be pine trees on the top and a lake reflection on the bottom. The single chiffon cake is crafted to look like the blur of forest you get looking out of your car window. The flavors are ones that I grew up loving and with my Grandmother's can-do attitude of making something new with the leftovers, I figured, why not put them all together in one cake?! I had to include strawberries somewhere in the cake; I love strawberry season in WI. The strawberries, blueberries, dairy, and eggs are all WI.

How did you do?

Pleasantly satisfied.