Ruth from Oshkosh, WI (2018 Week 1: Cakes)




Oshkosh, WI

Baking Challenge

Hidden Design Cake

Give your cake a name based on the ingredients and decoration – and tell us about the origin of your recipe.

Green and Gold Wisconsin – Both the green (lime) cake and gold (lemon) cake are a basic sponge that I found in one of my baking books.

Tell us about your proudest moment – or humble failure – in this week’s baking challenge.

My proudest moment was when my husband’s co-worker sent him a note asking if the WI shape was intentional. To be honest I actually didn’t expect this cake to turn out at all. Cutting the WI image out was full of sticky mistakes. Trying to place the shapes upright in the loaf pan was frustrating. Pouring the lemon batter over the lime pieces was awkward and messy. I really didn’t expect this cake to turn out at all. The flavors were fine but when it came out of the oven and there wasn’t a dome on the top, I swore off hidden design cakes for the rest of the summer. Sooooo, when my husbands co-worker recognized the shape of WI, I was beyond relieved.

Describe how you added a Wisconsin twist to your creation.

Green and yellow = Packers, There is the shape of WI in the cake! (eggs and dairy from WI).

How did you do?

Pleasantly satisfied.