Ruth from Oshkosh, WI (2017 Week 9: Pie)




Oshkosh, WI

Baking Challenge

Cherry Pie

Give your pie a clever name – and tell us about your crust and filling.

The DCCCAG: Door County Cherry Chocolate Almond Granola. It has a butter crust with a chocolate almond pudding under Door County Cherry sauce and topped with my homemade Door County Cherry, Chocolate, and almond granola. I was not so happy with this pie. I wanted to make the cherry more of a sauce than a thick pie, it ended up being more like an ice cream topping (which is what we ended up eating it as). The pudding had a nice flavor but when I made it I added toasted almonds and the texture ended up feeling interrupted with random almonds. The granola ended up being my families favorite part. We had a two gallon bag left over from topping the four pies and have been enjoying that as a snack.

Was your pie underbaked, overbaked or just right? What was your favorite part of the process?

The pie shell was just right and the granola was just right. The other two layers I made on the stove and in hind site, wish I had used more clear jelly and a different chocolate.

How did you add a Wisconsin touch to your flavors or decoration?

The chocolate is a soft chocolate from Wisconsin. It didn’t do what I expected in the pudding but all of the children love it as a desert strait from the wrapper. The cherries are from Door County. The butter is also from Wisconsin. Three were topped with huge mounds of granola and then donated to Pie on the Porch at the Oshkosh farmer’s market.

How did you do?

Feeling humbled.