Nicole from Wausau, WI (2018 STAR BAKERS)




Wausau, WI

Baking Challenge

Star Baker

How did this baker brighten our summer?

Nicole’s creativity and the help of her indefatigable backyard chickens brought forth a beautiful parade of summer sweets. Nicole’s passion was at a 10+ during Sweet Dough Week in which she made stunningly ornate “St. Lucia Buns,” a legacy of Wisconsin’s Scandinavian settlers and a feature of the Christmas tale of Nicole’s American Girl doll Kirsten, a toy from Wisconsin’s homegrown Pleasant Company.

Our favorite Wisconsin Twist (pictured)!

Sometimes the unique and stunning architecture of Wisconsin’s medium and small cities goes unsung. We can thank Nicole for correcting this by constructing a gingerbread version of Wausau’s iconic Dudley Tower. Also known as First Wausau Tower, the Dudley is situated on the shoreline of the Wisconsin River and is the tallest commercial office building in Wisconsin outside of Milwaukee.

A choice quote or piece of Star Baker wisdom:

We will be eternally grateful to Nicole for the neologism and exclamation “Wausome!” You’re the Wausomest, Nicole!

How did you do?

I participated in all 10 Great Wisconsin Baking challenges this summer — I’m a Star Baker!