Molly from Green Bay, WI (2017 Week 9: Pie)




Green Bay, WI

Baking Challenge


Give your pie a clever name – and tell us about your crust and filling.

The name for my cheesecake is The Cheesehead Cheesecake. The crust of my cheesecake is a simple graham cracker crust, which consists of butter and graham crackers. There are two different fillings for my cheesecake, since I wanted to make the cake look like the spots on a cow, since Wisconsin is known as America’s Dairyland because of the cows. There is the plain cheesecake filling that consists of cream cheese, eggs and sugar. The other filling for the brown spots is chocolate cheesecake that is made from cream cheese, eggs, chocolate and sugar. The two fillings taste wonderful because the cheesecake I made had more cream cheese than a typical cheesecake would giving it such a delicious flavor. The little cheese wedges to represent the Cheeseheads on top where also make from cheesecake, since I had extra cheesecake batter from making two fillings.

Was your pie underbaked, overbaked or just right? What was your favorite part of the process?

My cheesecake was baked just right and has the best texture and taste I could hope for. The best part of the process was of course eating the cheesecake and some of the ingredients along the way, like the chocolate. I also enjoyed making the little cheese decorations by cutting the cheesecake into triangles and creating the little holes in the cheese. I just love how much they look like cheese!

How did you add a Wisconsin touch to your flavors or decoration?

I added a Wisconsin touch by using Wisconsin cream cheese, eggs and chocolate, since Wisconsin is known for their dairy/eggs and since Wisconsin has quite a few great chocolate factories/chocolate shops that have great chocolate. I decorated the cake to have spots like the cows that made Wisconsin America’s Dairyland and created little cheese wedges to look like the Cheeseheads, since everyone knows that people from Wisconsin are Cheeseheads.

How did you do?

Absolutely lovely.