Maureen from Arkdale, WI (2018 STAR BAKERS)




Arkdale, WI

Baking Challenge

Star Baker

How did this baker brighten our summer?

We’re grateful to Maureen for putting so much thought and care every week into her Wisconsin twist. She captured Wisconsin’s vernacular landscape, celebrated our cranberry growers (talk about Queen of Puddings!), and supported local purveyors in her region like a true Star.

Our favorite Wisconsin Twist (pictured)!

Maureen employed gingerbread master craftsmanship to build a familiar barn (no longer a working farm) dotting her own local, rural landscape for Biscuits Week. According to Maureen, this is an interpretation of a barn — owner named Bredesen — located on State Road 21 in her hometown of Arkdale, WI. She dives into detail, making a marzipan water pump, a whitetail deer, and trees to celebrate Wisconsin’s Christmas tree farms. “To me, it is a quintessential reminder of rural life past and present,” writes Maureen.

A choice quote or piece of Star Baker wisdom:

Maureen demonstrated how a true Star Baker makes the best out of a crisis. When writing about her gingerbread architecture: “The entire structure is edible including the 5 lightning rods on the roof. I had a roof collapse during construction which turned out to be our dessert for the night. It was delicious.”

How did you do?

I participated in all 10 Great Wisconsin Baking challenges this summer — I’m a Star Baker!