Marie from Sun Prairie, WI (2017 Week 8: Wisconsin Week)




Sun Prairie, WI

Baking Challenge

3-D Marzipan Centerpiece

Give your baked creation a name and tell us about your flavors. Also, what are you most proud of?

Cake Monona – I am most proud of the way the walleye turned out! I’ve never worked with fondant or marzipan – much less made it from scratch! I had no idea how this would all come together.

The key to this week’s challenge is your creative presentation. Describe your display.

To honor a favorite Wisconsin tradition, this 3-layer chocolate cake (my go to cake recipe), features blue butter cream frosting representing Lake Monona, and 3-D homemade marzipan figures. The figures are modeled after my husband (much better looking in real life 😉 and our favorite catch – the Walleye!

It’s Wisconsin Week, so you need to showcase a super Wisconsin twist to your recipe and/or arrangement. Tell us about it.

Everyone knows that the best fishing is in Wisconsin! I have paid tribute to the wonderful sport with this cake featuring some of the best fish to catch on one of the most beautiful lakes in the state! I had hoped to be able to add some of the lovely sights you can see from Lake Monona, such as the State Capital and the Monona Terrace, but simply ran out of time … and marzipan.

How did you do?

Pleasantly satisfied.