Marie from Sun Prairie, WI (2017 Week 6: Botanical)




Sun Prairie, WI

Baking Challenge

Citrus Meringue Pie

Give your botanical creation a clever name – and tell us about your recipe.

Green & Gold Meringue

Any disasters? Did you take any risks? Proudest moment? Lessons learned the hard way? Tell us about it.

Please don’t let the photo fool you … underneath my very shiny, yet still mediocre, meringue, lies a lemon-lime soup! I have never attempted a pie like this and in all honesty, I’m not sure I will again! I turned to my trusty friends at America’s Best Test Kitchen (another PBS fav!) and utilized their Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe. It seemed easy enough, but clearly I should’ve also found a clip from the show for this one! It took over 40 minutes for my meringue to stiffen up which I was afraid of with all this humidity, however I wasn’t expecting my minor tweaks to the recipe to turn my lemon-lime filling to soup! My husband was kind enough to try the crust and the meringue and said they were good, but I’m not buying it! He has to say that! As for me … I say bring on next week!

How did you add a Wisconsin twist to your flavors or decoration?

I’ve been waiting for the right time to pay homage to the Legendary Green Bay Packers by adding my green and gold twist! I’m not sure I did it justice, so don’t be surprised if I try again!

How did you do?

Totally failed … and still laughing.