Lisa from Plover, WI (2018 Week 8: Biscuits)




Plover, WI

Baking Challenge

48 Crackers

Give your biscuits a name and tell us about your recipe.

I made white cheddar chive slice-and-bake crackers. These looked pretty good, as they were more uniform, but the taste was burnt cheese. These had cream cheese in them also, and were rolled in poppy seeds. These did "snap" when broken. The other crackers I've called "Open Sesame" Thyme Crackers. They were titled Parmesan Herb, but I can't taste the parmesan or basil in them, just thyme. These were difficult to roll out, crumbly. And therefore, they turned out too thick. They do taste pretty good, though. I don't plan on baking my own crackers again.

Would you describe yourself as a rogue baker, or do you strictly adhere to the recipe?

Pretty much rogue. Sometimes I follow a recipe the first time. Usually I combine 2 or 3 recipes, and then add my own twist.

Tell us about how you added a Wisconsin twist to your creation.

Chives from my garden. Wisconsin cheddar.

How did you do?

Feeling humbled.