Lenor from Muscoda, WI (2018 Week 8: Biscuits)




Muscoda, WI

Baking Challenge

48 Crackers

Give your biscuits a name and tell us about your recipe.

Pecan Cinnamon Crackers With a Hint of Burnt Flavor
I would have burned my way out of the tent with these. I did have our smoke alarm go off. I should have had them all cut and baking at the same time. Instead I put a pan in at separate times.
The recipe was simple enough with flour, a little sugar, butter, salt and water. I would roll out the dough and use the football man cookie cuter. I ended up using a biscuit cutter. But even that wasn’t informed enough. I dipped the dough in cinnamon sugar and pecans. The other dip I used was spiced with flaxseed. When I put them in the oven some were over baked. The flavor was ok but the rest was ba disaster. It was not an happy moment for sure.

Would you describe yourself as a rogue baker, or do you strictly adhere to the recipe?

Rogue – and a mess of a baker!
I didn’t really follow the recipe. I followed the basic and then went in my own with flavors.

Tell us about how you added a Wisconsin twist to your creation.

It was going to be a football party theme, with little football men cutout crackers, but the cutouts didn’t exactly look like football players.

How did you do?

Yikes! And not happy about it.