Kevin from Viroqua, WI (2017 Week 8: Wisconsin Week)




Viroqua, WI

Baking Challenge

Mini Pies

Give your baked creation a name and tell us about your flavors. Also, what are you most proud of?

For the filling, I used bratwursts and cheese curds and the pastry was hot water crust. However, it looked more like short rust than hot water crust. To prevent a soggy bottom, I cooked the meat first so that it released all the juice that it had. Since I had pies that were all shapes and sizes I had to do a lot of math. I shaped the pies into The Allen-Bradley Clock Tower in Milwaukee.

The key to this week’s challenge is your creative presentation. Describe your display.

This week I did The Allen-Bradley Clock Tower in Milwaukee. The reason I did it is because I used to drive past the Tower every morning when I lived in Milwaukee. I used four
3 3/4 x 2 1/2 pans.Then I used my smallest cake pan to make the clock face. Last, but not least, I made the top of the clock. I played around with a foil loaf pan and made the top. Altogether, I made six pies.

It’s Wisconsin Week, so you need to showcase a super Wisconsin twist to your recipe and/or arrangement. Tell us about it.

I used many Wisconsin products this week. For the pastry, I used local lard and butter. For the filling I used Westby meat locker brats and Westby creamery cheese curds.

How did you do?

Pleasantly satisfied.