Kevin from Viroqua, WI (2017 Week 5: Pastries)




Viroqua, WI

Baking Challenge


Have fun giving your creation a name and please describe your recipe.

it took me three days to make my pinwheels. First night I made the dough and let it prove in the fridge. Then I shaped my dough and let it prove in the fridge on the second day overnight. The process took most of the day! Also, I made some yummy cream cheese filling. Then I filled the pasties with the cream cheese filling and fresh fruit.

Tell us about your pastry dough and final texture after baking. Are you happy with it?

I used rough puff and it turned a bread texture, so I am not happy at all (but the filling was okay).

Detail how you added a Wisconsin twist to your flavors or presentation.

All of my dairy products were from Organic Valley. I used raspberries from my own backyard and blueberries from the farmers market.

How did you do?

It’s perfect – and I’m not sharing!