Joyce from Wisconsin (2018 Week 2: Bread)





Baking Challenge


Give your bread a name and tell us about your recipe.

What to do with all the Zuchini flatbread Focaccia. This was the first time I made Focaccia. I used the recipe from the original Moosewood cookbook. The bread turned out good. It was chewy and crisp on the edges as I like it. The Zuchini didn’t do anything for the bread and the herbs on top got too dark. The next time I will add the herbs to the dough.

Would you describe yourself as a rogue baker, or do you strictly adhere to the recipe?

I strictly follow the recipe the first time and then make it to my taste or get creative after that when I make it again.

Tell us about how you added a Wisconsin twist to your bread creation.

Local ingredients. I love local!!

How did you do?

Feeling humbled.