Joni from Manitowoc, WI (2018 Week 7: Sweet Dough)




Manitowoc, WI

Baking Challenge

Celebratory Loaves

Give your creation a name – and tell us about your recipe.

Sweet and Savory Lardy Cakes

Now that you’ve survived this challenge, what words of wisdom can you share?

No matter what you think about the ingredients – you don't know what it will be like until you try it. Lardy cake sounds awful! It's a bread dough stretched out, slathered lard, butter and your fillings. . . and then you fold it, roll it, and do that two more times. I don't care for lard, but it made these celebratory loafs turn out crisp and flaky, yet moist and chewy! It was a great meal to celebrate our anniversary! Definitely only for celebrations, though!

Tell us about how you added a Wisconsin twist.

The savory loaf was filled with venison andouille sausage, sliced thin, and smoked Wisconsin mozzarella cheese. The flavor of the sausage is often too spicy for me, but paired with the cheese and the chewy dough with it's crispy crust, it was the right amount of spice. This was a Wisconsin harvested whitetail processed at Maplewood Meats out of Green Bay. The sweet loaf had Door County tart montmorency dried cherries and dried apricots – my hubby's favorite. Since it was our anniversary the day I made these I placed the loaves on a cutting board made by our son, atop a hand crocheted table cloth we received as a wedding gift from Gramma 32 years ago today! I wish you could taste these!!! I'm so excited to have a new recipe that I know everyone will LOVE!

How did you do?

It’s perfect – and I’m not sharing!