Jill from Hollandale, WI (2018 Week 9: Patisserie)




Hollandale, WI

Baking Challenge

Petits fours

Have fun giving your creation a name and please describe your recipe.

Mums the Word Petits Fours: inspired by the fall flowers we are seeing in bloom, these little ovens are the perfect ending of a summer meal on our three-season porch. The cake are vanilla flavored and the icing is echinacea colored.

Tell us about your creation's final texture after baking. Are you happy with it?

I’m happy with the cake but the icing was a challenge. It was too thin despite the multiple cupfuls of confectioners sugar. They taste amazing, however..

Detail how you added a Wisconsin twist to your flavors or presentation.

Fall flowers inspired by my favorite of Wisconsin’s seasons.

How did you do?

It’s not pretty, but it’s edible.