Jeung Hwa from Madison, WI (Currently in Canberra, Australia) (2017 Week 8: Wisconsin Week)


Jeung Hwa


Madison, WI (Currently in Canberra, Australia)

Baking Challenge

Jumble Biscuits

Give your baked creation a name and tell us about your flavors. Also, what are you most proud of?

Boat Knot Cookies. I used Paul’s recipe, but didn’t have caraway on hand. So I used fennel seeds and grabbed some star anise from my chai mix and crushed it with a rolling pin, since I lack a mortar and pestle, haha! Talk about making it work!

The key to this week’s challenge is your creative presentation. Describe your display.

It took me a while to decide how I could celebrate our great state. Since Wisconsin is home to so many lakes (more than Minnesota!!) I decided to pay homage to lake life and twist the cookies into some traditional boat knots.

It’s Wisconsin Week, so you need to showcase a super Wisconsin twist to your recipe and/or arrangement. Tell us about it.

Boating and lake living is so very Wisconsin. So I picked two boating knots, the Carrick Bend and the Flemish, that were aesthetically pleasing and let’s get real, easy-ish to execute.

How did you do?

Rocked it.