Chloe from Stratford, WI (2018 STAR BAKERS)




Stratford, WI

Baking Challenge

Star Baker

How did this baker brighten our summer?

While amping up the flavor, Chloe dispensed with the fussiness of too much narrative. Consequently, her entries had a simplicity that read like spare, hunger-inducing poetry: "It’s not pretty but it’s edible/ Sesame Crackers with onion dip/ Rogue baker/ I used our own onions for the dip."

Our favorite Wisconsin Twist (pictured)!

Sometimes we wish the islands of Wisconsin — like the Apostles, let’s say — were doughnuts. Why? Because we love doughnuts and, really, why not? That’s why Chloe’s submission of jam doughnuts for Week 7 planted with “strawberry,” “blueberry,” and “Nutella” flags made us smile — they resembled three doughnut islands staked out in a sweet doughnut land grab. Ok. . . so maybe we’re weird. Or maybe we’re definitely-not-maybe weird. But. . . doughnuts!

A choice quote or piece of Star Baker wisdom:

We’ll leave you with some more of Chloe’s poetry: "Rocked it/ Strawberry, blueberry and Nutella doughnuts/ pipe the filling slowly/ I used our homemade blueberry jam."

How did you do?

I participated in all 10 Great Wisconsin Baking challenges this summer — I’m a Star Baker!