Bren from Green Bay, WI (2018 Week 7: Sweet Dough)




Green Bay, WI

Baking Challenge

10 Jam Doughnuts

Give your creation a name – and tell us about your recipe.

Blissful Blueberry Bismarks – Betty Crocker has been a kitchen confidant since the 1920s as part of a marketing scheme for Gold Medal flour. Sometimes people are surprised that she is not a real person. Betty Crocker cookbooks have been my go-to for recipes since my mom introduced me to them when I was a little girl. For this baking challenge I used my favorite sweet dough recipe from the 1961 version of the New Picture Cook Book.

Now that you’ve survived this challenge, what words of wisdom can you share?

I am not a baker that deep fries anything, so I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and make doughnuts. It was a hot and humid day, so the dough rose really well. I realized that the temperature of the oil is very important and, because I do not have a deep fryer, I was using a pan of oil on the stove. This made controlling the temperature of the oil a bit more tricky, so my words of wisdom are to get a deep fryer. However, it was fun to watch the little orbs of goodness bobbing around in the oil and the doughnuts turned out light and moist! Because the doughnuts cooked so fast and we had the oil heated, my family had the idea to try deep frying everything they could think of. We got a bit carried away and ended up deep frying cheese sticks, pickles, potatoes and zucchini while having a blast!

Tell us about how you added a Wisconsin twist.

My father-in-law grows blueberries in his garden and shared some of this bumper crop with me. I used the berries to make jam which proved to be a terrific filling for the Bismarks. I also used Wisconsin eggs, milk and butter in my sweet dough recipe.

How did you do?

Rocked it.