Annette & Vernette from Wisconsin (2018 Week 9: Patisserie)


Annette & Vernette



Baking Challenge


Have fun giving your creation a name and please describe your recipe.

Editor’s note: Annette and Vernette’s baking story is unique. Annette will be submitting two entries each week: one for her, and one for her 94-year-old mother, Vernette. Vernette’s arthritis prevents her from baking herself; Annette will be baking to Vernette's specifications.

Annette writes:

Vernette’s Cream Puffs — I was driving in my car listening to Wisconsin Public Radio on a Friday, and the hosts were discussing "shoe pastry." I was wondering what the heck “shoe pastry” was?  Later in the discussion it was clear they were talking about cream puff pastry (that’s how I know — not by its French name. Immediately, I thought of the queen of cream puff pastry — my mom!

When I asked Mom what she would make this week, she said her cream puffs. Her recipe is simple but her cream puffs are legendary! I was just at the state fair and had their cream puffs — they’re good but not as good as my mom's. Her filling has whipped cream and pudding mixed together and that gives the puff more taste. I discovered Martha Stewart does the same but I would guess my mom did it first. She wanted the cream puffs sprinkled with powdered sugar. I made the fruited dessert as a dedication to my mom —I made a ring of cream puff pastry, let it dry, split it and filled it with the cream puff filling. Then I added the fruit and topped it with a drizzle of caramel and powdered sugar. It was great . . . but Mom's was better.

Annette’s Petit Fours — I made petit fours for my challenge this week. I made a cream cake and added a number of different fillings. Some had marshmallow cream and strawberry jam, some almond butter and jam, some almond butter and marshmallow cream. I covered some with melted chocolate or melted white chocolate and garnished them with buttercream frosting. They are really great!

Tell us about your creation's final texture after baking. Are you happy with it?

Smooth, creamy and delicious.

Detail how you added a Wisconsin twist to your flavors or presentation.

As for a Wisconsin connection, it’s the usual: lots of butter, milk, cream, eggs, blueberries!

A side note: My husband hopes we are done with all the challenges soon, because he is worried he may be gaining to much weight! We are thinking seriously about the paleo diet after this! 

Another side note: My mom lives in Watertown and I live in Sun Prairie.

How did you do?

Absolutely lovely.