Alaina from Milwaukee, WI (2018 Week 7: Sweet Dough)




Milwaukee, WI

Baking Challenge

10 Jam Doughnuts

Give your creation a name – and tell us about your recipe.

The Buzzin' Brandy Doughnut – I made a beautiful, light and fluffy yeast doughnut and filled it with a homemade Brandy Old Fashioned Jam. And, yes, there is definitely brandy in the recipe ;).

Now that you’ve survived this challenge, what words of wisdom can you share?

When deep frying anything, make sure your oil temp is right. Invest in a nice thermometer: too hot and they'll burn and be raw inside, too low and they will be greasy.

Tell us about how you added a Wisconsin twist.

We all know that if you want a good Brandy Old Fashioned, ya gotta be in Wisconsin. We take pride in this cocktail and have made it our own here in the dairyland. I made a Brandy Old Fashioned jam and filled my donuts with it. The jam consists of everything that's in the famous cocktail. Cherries, orange, sugar, bitters and brandy. The only difference is that there is no legal limit on how many donuts you can eat and drive.

How did you do?

Absolutely lovely.