Ainsley & Cammy from Sun Prairie, WI (2018 Week 5: Pies)


Ainsley & Cammy


Sun Prairie, WI

Baking Challenge

American Pie

Give your pie a name based on the ingredients and decoration.

LEMme go to Lambeau!

Tell us about your proudest moment – or humble failure – in this week’s baking challenge.

This is by far our favorite. It turned out the best, not only in taste but also looks. We had no idea what to expect of a lemon mascarpone pie!

Describe how you added a Wisconsin twist to your creation.

This was a no-bake filling (baked crust though) and includes lots of Sassy Cow Heavy Whipping Cream and BelGioso Mascarpone. Of course, we tinted it yellow and added some green sprinkles to the lemon whipped cream (piped by Ainsley – great job for her first time.) To show some more green & gold love, we pulled out a few Green Bay Packers tchotchkes to decorate. The little Packer dude is on his way to training camp next week. Go Pack Go!

How did you do?

Rocked it.