Celebrate National Poetry Month With the Kids in Your Life

April 14, 2021 Alyssa Beno Leave a Comment

April is National Poetry Month! What better way to celebrate the joy and expressiveness of this special form of literature than with the children in your life? Plant the seeds for a love of poetry with these PBS resources:

Video: Sons of Poetry (Sesame Street)

The Sons of Poetry circle their bikes to find the perfect rhyme. Explore poetry and practice rhyming with this parody video.

PBS KIDS: Your Child’s a Poet, and Here’s How to Show It

There’s a really easy way to spice up your child’s ordinary reading and writing routine: poetry! Sprinkling some poems into your usual mix can keep reading time feeling fresh and fun for the entire family, while dramatically boosting your kid’s literacy skills at the same time.

Craft: Write and Play Found Poetry

Found poetry, often described as the literary equivalent of a collage, is when you take existing words, phrases or passages and re-frame them to create poetry. Help your child play with words and express themselves to create found poetry.

PBS LearningMedia: Poetry Everywhere

Explore the power of language, look at the world with a fresh sense of wonder and build reading and writing skills. These video segments, drawn from the PBS Poetry Everywhere series, capture some of the voices of poetry, past and present.