WPT Volunteers Honored by United Way

June 25, 2014 Wisconsin Public Television Leave a Comment

We’re pleased to share that earlier this week, Wisconsin Public Television volunteer Andrew Silver received a Youth Service Award at United Way’s 2014 Community Volunteer Awards ceremony. Andrew, who volunteers at several WPT events and has served WPT for nearly 10 years, received one of 13 awards presented by United Way.

Andrew Silver and Danielle Silver at the United Way Community Volunteer Awards ceremony

Andrew began volunteering with WPT at the age of 8 when his mother, Danielle, a long-time volunteer herself, began Andrew’s volunteering habit by bringing him to help as a bid runner during the annual WPT Auction.

As Andrew grew up his volunteer roles with WPT expanded greatly. When he turned 16, Andrew began volunteering at all of our volunteer events. As a WPT Auction volunteer Andrew has held the following roles: bid runner, café server, bid sorter, phone bank, pickup and pay cashier, and board captain. He has also helped at Garden Expo, Quilt Expo and has answered phones as part of our Membership Drive phone bank.

Now, as a 17-year-old high school student with a part-time job, Andrew still makes time for volunteering and helps recruit his friends when we are in need of additional people. When volunteering he is very conscience of making new volunteers feel welcome and helping them feel comfortable in their new volunteer role.

In his years of volunteering with WPT Andrew has given over 300 hours of his time. We are beyond grateful to Andrew for the variety of jobs he has undertaken and his willingness to put in long hours to support the mission of WPT.

To find out how you can join Andrew and become a Wisconsin Public Television volunteer, go to wpt.org/volunteer. Our upcoming volunteer events include the August Membership Drive (Aug. 9-18) and our Quilt Expo (Sept. 3-6).

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